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Google Adsense Approval Trick - You may have heard the words of making money from the Internet many times. But is it possible to make money sitting at home, with the Internet, and in a legitimate way? The answers are Yes.

Now making money from the Internet is not a dream. The Truth Is that if you know the Ideal ways to make money from the World Wide Web, you too can make money from the Internet. To make money from the Internet, you do not need to invest a lot of money. You only need one computer with an internet connection.

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020
Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020

You may have observed the numerous jobs in newspapers that make cash on the internet through registration. Do not get caught in the trap of registration. They are just getting away with registration fees.

The best Supply of money-making on the World Wide Web is Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is a Google product that Google places its Advertisements on our website or blog, which gives the money to the site or blog owner against per click by users/audience.

Although for placing the Google Ads on our websites or Website, first of all, we have to apply for getting AdSense approval.

How can I get my AdSense account approved.

Adsense is a very large online advertising company which was started by google on 18 June 2003. In this, you have to copy Ad code on your blog or site so that your.

Ads show on blogs or websites and when someone clicks on an ad, Google Adsense gives us the paise of that click. We can make 
Google Adsense Approval with the help of 3 things.

Website / Blog
YouTube Video
Blogger / Blogspot

So today we will learn how to approve the AdSense account from websites or blogs. Let's start.

How to Approve Google Adsense Account With WordPress.

Before applying on Google AdSense, there are some Coverages and Google AdSense Approval Trick 2020, which we have to follow for getting Approval. Today I Shall tell you some of the Fundamental Google Adsense policies Which Are very Significant before applying for Google AdSense, which is as follows:

Here are Best Google AdSense Approval Trick 2020


Content is King -- You may have heard many times that the content is King. Above all, our articles must be unique. If we have taken our articles from someone else's site and copied it to our website or site, then Google AdSense will not provide us Approval.If our content is good, then our site will rank very fast, and if we've added somebody's content to our website, then our website might be penalized from Google because this practice is contrary to the google policy. Moreover, in this manner, no, Google Adsense Approval provides us Approval. That is why we first have to compose our unique content for AdSense approval. Google didn't specify any particular standards of how many posts there ought to be, but at least 15 posts have to be printed and indexed adequately before applied.

Blog Post Content Ko Chori Hone Se Kaise Bachaye | How To Save Blog Post from Copy Paste

SEO Friendly Design / Layout / Navigation.

The design of your sites should be simple and sweet. And the navigation of the whole page should be used properly so that visitors and google will not have any problem and do not add much to your widgets and if the waste is in your sites then the speed of your website will be reduced which will cause you problems. Can come.

Just add useful information.

Things to Do Create Some Important Pages Before Applying for Google AdSense.

1. About Us

2. Contact us

3. Privacy Policy

About us: On this page, you write about your site and yourself so that visitors and google can know your site well and can approve Adsense easily.

Contact us: On this page, you can create a form of Contact Us, so if you do not make it, then you can also resort to YouTube and use your professional email id.

Privacy Policy: In this page, what do you use in your site, how do you use visitor's information, what do you do about their information, which company do you use ads for? You can write all this on your page 

We make these three pages so that Google will know that we have become very serious in our work and our sites are professional sites.

SSL Certificate.

Let us tell you that when a computer connects to a website, the work is started between the computer's web browser and the webserver. That communication is usually unused, which clearly means that whatever You are doing this and any interested third party may be eyeing it. As you can think of this, if you are communicating some of your important personal information then doing it in the open is not an ideal way of doing things.

Think of an SSL / TLS certificate as a driver's license - tell you it does two things. This allows encrypted communication to be used through public key infrastructure, and also authenticate the identity of the certificate holder.

Website Speed

Aim to load every page of your blog in less than 3 seconds. A blog forever to load fails to impress both users and Google. Run your blog through the GT metric and implement all the suggestions shown by it. To make your blog as light as possible, compress your blog photos and other media files.

Mobile Responsive Design

Friends, your blog, or website has to be made mobile friendly so that your website can be easily accessed in desktop laptop smartphone, or iPad and tablet. Since your site is mobile-friendly, it will be very easy to take Google Adsense Approval. If your site is not mobile-friendly then you will You have to make your site mobile friendly, friends, 

I tell you the names of some mobile-friendly themes that you can use to make your site mobile friendly.

Best Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes

  • Divi
  • Realtor
  • Uncode
  • uDesign
  • JustBlue
  • Memory

  1. free responsive templates for blogger

  • SORA SEO 2

Domain Age/Blog Age

Don’t be too crazy to get Google Adsense approval. A lot of people create a website or a blog today, and the next day, they are looking for Google AdSense Approval Trick 2020.

Give your blog or website time. The website should be at least two months old. Website content must post a daily basis, or three times a week or two times, but this work should be regular.

Organic Traffic/Social Media Traffic.

Traffic: Traffic is a very important thing for Adsense, if there is AdSense on your site and there is no traffic then AdSense is of no use. It is very important to have organic traffic on your site which comes from google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines and at least your site should have daily traffic of more than 200 and Alexa Rank should be below 10,00,000.

How many posts should be there, how old the blog or websites should be, and how much traffic?

No matter how old the post and traffic and website are, it is not a major point to get Adsense. Read in detail why:

According to the old sites: Adsense policy, in their policy, it is written that your website should be at least 6 months old (in India), but if I agree with me and the big bloggers of India, then they all gave their Adsense account. "5 din approved" and it is also true that you do not need to sit for 6 months. When your site is completely ready, you can apply.

Post: When you post how many posts will you apply for Adsense? 50, 100, or 150? If I say, you have to write not only 50, not 100 but only 10 posts only! Yes, my friends, you can approve your Adsense in only 10 posts, but the condition is that you have to write your content with quality, useful information and up to 1000 words.

Don’t Use Other Ad Network.

When you apply on Adsense, do not use ads on your blog and any company. By the way, we can use both Infolinks, Chitika's ads, and google ads simultaneously, but when you do apply, remove all the ads and apply for Adsense only.


Google Adsense account approved via webmaster and analytics. So what do you do by submitting your website to Bing / Google Webmaster and submit your website so that all the pages on your website can be all page and post-crawl?

Now by going to Google analytics and signing in (Gmail account) analytic code on your website, update this will let google know how much traffic is on your website

FAQ’s on Google Adsense.

How can I get AdSense approval in 2020?
  • Ensure your website is compatible with AdSense.
  • Sign up for an AdSense account.
  • Login to your AdSense account.
  • Add the AdSense code.
  • Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval.

how to get google adsense account approved

If you're under 18, you may have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved.

How can I get AdSense approval fast?

Things You Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense


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